Q: Can I place an order online and pick it up at my local store?

A: All our online products are delivered directly from our Distribution Center to your home, it is not possible to collect online purchases from store. We do not offer a product reservation service in our stores.

Q: How do I know if an item is in stock?

A: You can see the stock availability of a product in the website when you order.

Q: Do you have a delivery service?

A: We offers a flat rate delivery service to your home or business starting.

Q: When are you open? Are you open on holidays?

A: Yes, we get orders all over the year.

Q: What if a part is missing in the package?

A: First please check to make sure have received all of the packages for the item. If you are missing a package or missing items inside the package, simply send as E-MAIL with your receipt and product information.